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Who we are?

Kangaroo Enterprises Limited is the leading distributor of Saflec and Garrett security products in Uganda. With over 15 years of excellence, Kangaroo Enterprises’ products give guaranteed detection of unwanted threats from your entrance.

For many years, Kangaroo Enterprises Limited has helped secured many premises with walk through and handheld metal detectors in Uganda. Kangaroo Enterprises also supplies cameras, car trackers, handcuffs, car alarms, under car search mirrors, batons, and other security products.

We install various forms of electric wired fences depending on the premises

Kangaroo Enterprises limited installs fire alarms, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, door bells and
intercoms, and access control systems for both domestic and commercial workstations.

Walk-through metal detectors are specifically designed detect metallic objects on people passing
through the detector, such as knives, weapons, etc.

We install various forms of electric wired fences depending on the premises

Search mirrors are designed for viewing inaccessible areas both inside and outside of vehicles,
viewing areas normally difficult to see in domestic, commercial and government premises for
contraband items.

A walkie-talkie, more formally known as a handheld transceiver (HT), is a hand-held portable,
two-way radio transceiver They are used for long distance communication for outdoor events.


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