• This under-car inspection mirror is ideal for searching under cars, trucks, and heavy equipment.
  • Under vehicle inspection mirror Features galvanized steel handle, big acrylic convex mirror, built-in wheels, telescopic handle, and LED light.
  • The heavy-duty metal wheel carriage and adjustable handle allow the security officer to easily check everywhere under the vehicle without having to bend down or lose focus on their inspection task
  • The security inspection mirror with light is widely used by airports, warehouses, seaports, and police stations to control inbound cars or trucks.
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Wheeled Under Car Search Mirror with LED Torch for Security Check on Cars, Vans, Trucks and Storage Tank, Construction Equipments, etc

Under vehicle search mirror with led light

The vehicle security inspection mirror’s typical uses include entry security, parking lot security, traffic stops, military checkpoint, auto maintenance, airports, police sheriff, etc. The under-vehicle inspection mirror has adjustable rods and handles with an LED light so it can be used day or night. Metal wheel carriages with built-in plastic wheels provide ground clearance as low as 3.5 inches. Big 12 inches (30cm) convex mirrors provide a clear and wide-angle view. The under-car inspection mirror has 3 metal rods for adjustable pole lengths up to 4 feet (120cm)

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